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Cutting Edge Research

People Decoded was founded by Brandon Stephens aka "Brandon Coty" who has a unique gift for pattern recognition. Brandon is a certified behavior analyst & body language expert with a deep understanding of people.As a company, we have access to technology that allows us to analyze the emotions of people recorded in any digital format in real-time. We use this technology along with our own professional techniques to expand on our training & help organizations around the world uncover the truth while boosting sales & customer service.


Uncover The TRUTH

What if you could become a modern-day mind reader who can cut through the noise and get to the truth of every interaction within seconds? This isn't just about deception or lies. It's about building lightning-fast rapport with people around you and uncovering their deepest desires without them ever having to verbally tell you.The techniques & methods we teach are the same tools used by the CIA, FBI & military personnel around the world in high-stakes situations.


Six Pillars Of Truth

SPOT or "Six Pillars Of Truth" is our signature methodology for uncovering potential deception in any conversation. SPOT looks across six channels of communication to identify 3 or more points of interest worth investigating further.The rule is simple: The more you SPOT. The bigger the chance of deception.


Hands On Help

Do you need hands on help negotiating a deal, bringing an opportunity back from the dead, training your staff or simply finding the truth of a situation within your company?

Facial Expression Database

The F.E.D

We are building the most effective facial expression database in the world for training clients in understanding micro expressions to improve their sales, customer service & deal making.

Speaking & Events

The Power Of Micro

Invite Brandon to host a private workshop for your company, share his story at your next event or speak to your audience on the "Power Of Micro".


Learn To BLINK

BLINK is a secret "covert ops" style technique that allows you to gather crucial information during any interaction without the subject noticing it. Get all your questions answered without ever asking.

Body Language University

Discover B.L.U

Master the power of body language in everyday situations by joining "BLU" our body language university with over 88 different micro movements, coaching calls, future events & a thriving community.


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